Bellows valve

PLBV Series

The PLBV series is the standard product of Primet bellows valves.
It is SUS316L product of forging. It is compatible with three types of coupling: union, flange and welded tube end.

PSBV Series

The Primet mini-bellows valve, PSBV series, uses the machine-processed SUS316L for the main body. In addition, its bellows are also made of SUS316L and the valve structure is designed to be hermetically sealed. It is compatible with four types of coupling (metal seal, doble ferrule, weld and union).

primet Product Bellows valve

Basic structure and specifications

primet Product Bellows valve The bellows valve of Primet has an excellente air-tight structure to protect the portions making contact with the fluid (media) from the atmosphere in order to make the screw-type stem corrosion-inhibitting.
The compact type of PSBV series has the main body made of SUS316L; and the orifice diameter ranges from 4.5mm to 12mm. On the other hand, the large-sized PLBV series has the forged body and the size varies from 8mm to 20mm tobe suitable for large quantities of flow.
Materials of Construction
No. Part name Qty Materials
1Handle Cover 1Nylon
2Stem Nut 1St. St. 304
3Locking Washer 1St. St. 304
4Handle 1Nylon(Aluminium PLBV series)
5Position Indicator 1Nylon
6Stem Locking Ring 1St. St. 304
7O-ring 1Viton® (fluorocarbon KFM)
8Actuator 1St. St. 316L
9Bonnet 1St. St. 304
10Bonnet Gasket 1PCTFE(PTFE, PCTFE PLBV series)
11Bellows 1St. St. 316L
12Stem 1St. St. 316L
13Disk 1PCTFE / (PTFE PLBV series)
14Body 1St. St. 316L
Specifications & Tests
  PSBV Series PLBV Series
Pressure Test 1.5 X Max work pressure 1.5 X Max work pressure
Helium Leak Test <7 X 10-10Pa.㎥/sec
(7 X 10-9Atm cc/sec)
<1 X 10-6Pa.㎥/sec
(1 X 10-5Atm cc/sec)