Metal seal fittings

PRIMET Grand is metal seal fitting which support TBW. Showing products on this website are our standard product series.
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Basic Composition of PJ metal seal fittings

PJ metal seal fittings are made up of five basic components ass shown below.

Assembly example of metal seal fittings

Example of General Combination

Welding Section Dimensions
Female Nut Long
Gasket Long
Male Nut
1/4-1/4 SFN04 PLG04S NGT04 PLG04L SMN04
1/4-3/8 SFN08 PLG08-04S NGT08 PLG08-06L SMN08
1/4-1/2 PLG08L
3/8-1/4 PLG08-06S PLG08-04L
3/8-3/8 PLG08-06L
3/8-1/2 PLG08L
1/2-1/4 PLG08S PLG08-04L
1/2-3/8 PLG08-06L
1/2-1/2 PLG08L
There are two types of basic dimensions for each part, 04 and 08.
Please note that it is not possible to assemble parts with different basic dimension codes.

Model specifications for the order request.