Agreement For Use

Thank you for usually using the PRIMET product. Please confirm and use the following content after approves it when you use our website.


  • The guaranteed term of our product is one year from the delivery date
  • I will repair or deliver the substitute free of charge when judged if it breaks down in the guaranteed term, and it is obviously caused by our company.
  • The collateral damage generated by the trouble of our product is not responsible, and the guarantee is exempted from responsibility.
  • It is in the following cases for a fee in the guaranteed term.
    • Accident caused by mistake in use and handling.
    • Breakdown or damage caused by natural disaster, catastrophe, and dispute, etc.
    • When it uses or it is kept in an improper environment.
    • Breakdown or damage such as repair, resolutions, adjustments and remodeling it excluding our company.
    • When it uses out of the specification range.
    • When it is judged out of our responsibility.
  • Content of sentences, photographs, and diagrams, etc. on our website, the catalog, and the drawing doesn't guarantee the accuracy, the certainty, and utility. If some damage occurs because of these uses, our company doesn't assume the responsibility at all. Please confirm it to our company beforehand when you use it.

Change in specification

The product specification described in our website, the catalog, and the drawing is subject to change without notice.

Prohibited activity

When our website is used, I will prohibit customer's following acts.

  • Violate our property, name, confidence and the profit, etc.
  • Obstruct the management of our homepage.
  • Violate the law and regulations, etc.
  • Additionally, the act judged to be improper.