Facilities ・ Clean room

Our head office and factory are integrated to facilitate consultation and ordering, as well as manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Machining room

Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center

  1. 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center
  2. Polygon Processing Machine
  3. Vertical Machining Center
  4. Tapping Drilling Machine
  5. NC Lathe
  6. Cutting Machine
  7. General-purpose Milling Machine
  8. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  9. General-purpose Lathe

Measuring room

Wheel shape ・ Surface roughness tester

Wheel shape ・ Surface roughness tester

Manufactured products (parts) are measured and inspected one by one, and then transferred to the assembly process to ensure quality.

  1. Wheel shape ・ Surface roughness tester
  2. Measurement Projector
  3. Micro-Vickers hardness tester

Clean room

Assembly and inspection line

Assembly and Inspection line

6-layer ultrasonic cleaning machine

6-layer Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

High pressure generator (pressure resistance test equipment)

High Pressure Generator (Pressure Resistance Test Equipment)

Head office and Factory
Site area11,290 ㎡
Building area1,200 ㎡
Clean room
(ISO Class2)Floor space
100 ㎡
  1. 6-layer Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
  2. Clean Oven
  3. High Pressure Generator (Pressure Resistance Test Equipment)
  4. Helium Leak Detectors
  5. Particle Counter

*Clean room standard: JIS B 9920

Other equipment

Finished products are marked and cleaned, then packed and shipped in the shipping and packaging product inventory room.

Assembly room
  1. 3D hybrid laser marker
  2. Etching equipment
  3. Ultrasonic washing machine
Other equipment
  1. Ultrapure water production equipment