Chairman greeting

The ability and wisdom to overcome the difficult situation are indispensable.

In every country of the world, the environment surrounding enterprises is becoming increasingly stringent day by day. It can be said that they face the global economic crisis.
However, taking the crisis positively as an opportunity, the power and wisdom to overcome various difficulties are indispensable now.

In order to increase capital and aim to become a global enterprise, we have taken a new first step as "Primet Co., Ltd." on October 1, 2018.
We constantly devise an innovation, further improving the pursuit of high precision products, and creating greater social value.
From now on, we will make every effort to keep up with your expectations and will fulfill our responsibilities. We appreciate your continued patronage.

PRIMET CO., LTD Jianwei Cao / Chairman
October 1, 2018
Jianwei Cao / Chairman

President greeting

Aim for a global company that can respond flexibly to any situation

We celebrated the 21st century, the terrorist attacks which caused the world to shake, the Great Depression, said once in 100 years that began with the Lehman shock, the European crisis, the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake said once in 1000 Along with it, I have witnessed and experienced the positively accidental nuclear power plant facts.
Furthermore, we are faced with unpredictable economic circumstances where the speculation of various countries, politics and economics are intertwined.

"PRIMET Japan Co., Ltd." is aiming to be a global company with physical fitness and skills capable of responding flexibly to any situation, so that we can contribute to everyone as a new " PRIMET Co., Ltd. " , our employees are the best I will do my best.
I look forward to your continued patronage, guidance and encouragement in the future.

PRIMET CO., LTD Hidetoshi Nakajima / President
October 1, 2018
Hidetoshi Nakajima / President