Privacy Policy


Primet tries to protect individual information on the customer when acting various businesses, and to offer the customer further reliability and the sense of security. We will observe the law concerning personal information, and appropriately handle of personal information.

  • Obtaining Personal Information

    We get the personal information not by foul means but by fair means.

  • Usage of Personal Information

    The personal information that we have obtained shall be used for the following purposes within the necessary scope. We shall be used with the person's consent in advance when we use personal information by the purposes other than these.

    • Reply and send document to request of estimate and inquiry
    • Sending out of product
    • Dissemination concerning various information of exhibition, commodity and services, etc.
  • Safety control of Personal Information

    We implement proper measures in a suitable manner to prevent all personal information from leaked, being lost or damaged, etc.

  • Consignment of Personal Information

    When we consign all or parts of personal information management to the third party, we investigate severely about the third party and supervise appropriately that individual information is safely managed.

  • Provision of Personal Information to any Third Party

    We do not disclose or provide personal information to the third party excluding in the following cases.

    • When basing on the law.
    • When it is necessary to protect the person's life, the body or the property, and when it is difficult to obtain the persons' approval.
    • When it is especially necessary to improve the public health or promote healthy bringing up of the child、and when it is difficult to obtain the persons' approval.
    • When it is necessary to cooperate who the national organization or the local public organization or the entrusted person to accomplish the business that is provided the law, and there is the fear of getting behind in the accomplishment of the business caused by obtaining the persons' approval.
  • Release and Correction of Personal Information

    When the person requested us for release its own individual information, we shall release promptly. If we cannot confirm the person’s identification, we do not release it. When there is the mistake in the contents of personal information and the person requests for us to correct, add and delete it, we promptly coped with the request. If we cannot confirm the person’s identification, we do not cope with it. Please contact the following when there are the above-mentioned claim and an inquiry about the handling of our personal information

  • The contact point

    TEL : 81-246-38-8114(Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am-5:00 pm)
    E-mail :

October. 1th, 2018
Hidetoshi Nakajima / President